Broad Appeal
Caesary can be an enjoyable game for both casual players and hardcore gamers. Casual players will find the city building aspects of the game enjoyable, and can still find exciting challenge in conquering nearby wilderness areas.
There are many ways to develop your empire, meaning that players are constantly seeking to try out new and improved development strategies.
One area where Caesary really shines is how community is built into every aspect of the game.
News and Events

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"Apollo"Limited Contest: Winds of Change

Are you filled with a burning ambition to claw your way upwards and rise from the masses? Do you constantly check the player ...

"Apollo"Limited Contest Prizes to the New Top 200 Lords Has Ended

Welcome to the new Caesary server, Mars. There are many lords like you just embarking on their journey for prominence...

"ALL SERVERS"Christmas Promo --- Merry Christmas & Best Wishes!

Not to be outdone, Ms. Claus has prodded R2Games into providing another special purchase promotion for the holidays! ...

Caesary is a free-to-play casual online strategy game with a Roman theme. The game can be played straight out of any web browser, with no download required. Caesary appeals to a wide audience, proving not only to be a new challenge for experienced PC gamers, but an entertaining social game experience for first-time players alike. The game can be played like any full-scale MMO, but is also perfectly enjoyable with a time commitment as little as 10-15 minutes per day. Caesary challenges players to manage resources, design cities, recruit heroes, form leagues, and set out to become the dominant force in a world of tens of thousands of players.

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